Fitness journey

Hop . Skip . Jump

15 minutes of following the instructions on the below video, and I was clearing the rope like a boss.  🙂

Highly recommended for all jump rope beginners!

Clean eating

For lunch today : homemade corn tortillas and stir fried capsicum.

I followed the recipe here to make the super flavourful  and simple stir fry.



Be your own hero



Happy hour

I’d been neglecting yoga.

An hour of stretching and sweet breathing , and I remembered it all – coral nail paint, glass cupping therapy, rolling fields , singing muscles, a session of massage, travels, an evening of pampering and fields of marigold.





The sweat is real.

Very inspired by the athletes at the Olympics – each of the competitors has such a beautiful back story of resilience and hard work.

Today also marks 1 week of only home cooked meals, although I cheated with chocolate 🙁 .



Today I took a “before” picture, to realistically judge what needs working.

It is easy to feel good about yourself, if a certain dress fits like a glove, but that alone is no indication of the fitness and quality that you have given your body.


#BBtransformation .