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Let’s dance

let's dance

Bibi sanam jaanam, anaar-i seestaanam




” Everything I write,
has been soaked in you.

Even when I leave  you out of my writing, the absence is obvious, like an emptied art gallery.

So, I write of you even when I am not writing of you. “

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Ant trail

Just when you think you have it all figured out
There will be a change in course, that you never anticipated

Maybe it is karma – for all the times you destroyed pheromone trails
Sending ants in a tizzy.

I look around and that is what is happening
Scores of beautiful people
Grappling – thrown off guard by things they least expected

I believe, the best we can do is make new paths
And when we bump into other, reassure in gentle whispers
“You are on the right way”

Compassion, faith, hope and direction
I bet, even the ants figured, that is how you get back on the trail


Grownups know best



The whole world or nothing