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Cat connection

Traveling is a great way to make pet connections.

I never thought of myself as a cat person, but these beauties changed my mind.

Cat connection


And they posed for a portrait too :).

cat connection

“The way to know life, is to love many things”

– Van Gogh

A little tribute portrait that I made, using water colours on canvas.


  Van 1

Photo story – We are family

In Sapa, families and communities are tightly knit. The bonds are forged early and nurtured to last a lifetime.

Pictured here is a very young family – a 17 year old mother, her 19 year old husband and their beautiful new born.

This is a portrait of their typical day – taking turns to work in the tribes rice fields and spending time nurturing their child.


And when both of them need a break, there is always someone from the immediate family or the community, pitching in to shoulder the responsibility. 🙂


Crashing waves and the things that come with :)


 Beach portrait 

The beach has been my home for the last 7 days.

Brace yourselves for illustrations inspired by sun and sand.  🙂