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2030 – it seems so far away, but it’s only 15 years ..

Hypernormalisation. The BBC documentary is a revealing consolidation of events from recent decades, and a dark dive into the world today and why it is so. With power, politics and human nature  at it’s center, we witness how the world we have now, took shape in deeply lasting ways through the actions of a few – some of whom still alive.…

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Blockchain for dummies

Blockchain is the new Bitcoin. Well not literally. But it is the term, that has people as confused as Bitcoin once had. Everyone has their vague understanding of what it means and hopes that it’s just a fad that they wouldn’t have to take seriously. But like the Bitcoin, the concept of Blockchain is rather simple and here to stay. To…

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Leafs by Snoop – packs of “happy” at a store near you (maybe)

Leafs by Snoop is the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world, and it comes in professionally designed packaging . One reviewer at TechInsider went so far as to call it , “the most beautiful line of marijuana products ever made.” The packaging style is more minimal than I expected, but not ground breaking. Details like a gilded gold pot…

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I love it when people love themselves. I love it when people are learning to love themselves. I love it when people inspire others to love themselves. I love it when people find themselves. I love it when people re-find themselves. I love it when we are fearless. I love it when I am fearless.