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Shark fin of Meru The sliding snow of Everest When I run short of breath Catching glimpses of the moving sun Face cupped in toasty palms Breaking frost and it’s bite A cold heart goes numb Dimly warmed in recess of memories Climbing. In pursuit, my top of the world

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On fire today

Smokes the bed, hot flame On a hammock Let the sweat drain You, onto me Blazing through the streets We streak, leave laughter behind As on the day we were born Done with a deed And gone dipping skinny On a run, in sync This day is sweat and bones On a streak of skinny run Days of monsoon We’ve…

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Calm rules my heart Anointing my soul with patience   Honesty is all I keep   When you find the courage to stay, There’s courage in everything else   I’ve seen people, spoil their appetite with bread Only because they were impatient   The best things need discipline Calm, doesn’t tire of waiting