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Shark fin of Meru The sliding snow of Everest When I run short of breath Catching glimpses of the moving sun Face cupped in toasty palms Breaking frost and it’s bite A cold heart goes numb Dimly warmed in recess of memories Climbing. In pursuit, my top of the world

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Let’s run in stride

A year ain’t much, neither is a decade As long as we keep going When the pillow runs cold On both its sides Reach out, outstretched Be my bed’s warm spot We are altered, you and I Falling is never final Pick up then, let’s run in stride Giving up, can never be an option

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MH370 : Whatever happened ..

The news was a tiny spark But word got around so fast Theories and rumours, they spread like wildfire Talks of the famous last words A hopeful wish of good night and sweet dreams Con-men- they took another’s identity Their faces now plastered all over world news The leads changed every hour, every minute Pointing in one direction now, another…

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