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Shots Of People Before and After Being Told They’re Beautiful

Travel photographer Mehmet Genç gives us the gift of these photos he’s taken from around the world… [via incredible things]






More of this here .

We are failing the giants

There are far fewer African elephants than we thought. New elephant study shows catastrophic decline in Africa.



Even the artists have been calling us out.


Bharti Kher’s ‘The Skin Speaks a Language not its Own’


Lustwarande’s “Rapture and Pain”


Asher Jay’s Times Square art installation::

Royal peek a boo ..



A visit to University of Hyderabad’s department of fine arts

Each year, during the end of semester’s there is an abundance of student work on display at the Department of Fine Arts, Univrsity of Hyderabad.

During these times, you can catch flimpses of original and varied work from buddind artis in different mediums – wood, metal, canvas, clay etc.

Here are few glimpses of the art by students this semester, that I brought back to share with you:

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A few glimpses from around the campus.

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Art is best enjoyed in its original form and environment, and recommend  a visit to your neighborhood art school for a mixed bag of exhibits 🙂 .


Abstract art – a hug makes for a warm cocoon


Yo! Mr. White

Been a while since I drew.



I have a urge to shout out “Brace yourself, more Breaking Bad inspired art is coming”. 🙂


New world – Illustration

Conjuring up a new world, one brick at a time.