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The work that goes into making an animation

Whether it is 2D animation or 3D works that feature sequences and flashbacks, it all starts from the drawing board. In the past animators would stack multiple translucent drawings over a back-light to evaluate motion. This technique known as ‘onion skinning’ is now carried out digitally on drawing tablets. Drawn renderings of the characters are the first crucial step. The…

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Origins of HCI

The “Long Nose” of innovation – these early ideas and prototypes that lead to the current graphic user interfaces are awesome and inspiring.   1945 – Vannevar Bush “As we may think” by Vannevar Bush, published in the July 1945 edition of ‘The Atlantic’. The vision of this article is strongly human centric –  Bush speaks of an interactive desk the…

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Make your own award winning infographic

This is an award winning infographic. Designing modules, wireframes or updating process flows – all require the use of effective infographics. Here are some important things to know about designing infographics, in my opinion,  that will help put you on the path to making your own award winning visual communication. 😀  

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Helvetica in the city

Easily the most recognizable and comforting font in NY city is the one used in the New York city transit signage.     Designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli, this iconic font used in white over black works as music does – it’s not so much about the notes that are played but how the notes are spaced. This timeless,…

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