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Choosing between adaptive vs. responsive design

Often I see, designers presenting both versions of the design to clients, however I believe that choosing the right style at the outset, is the key to executing the design with better direction and focus on results.   Responsive design: A responsive website will show content based on the available browser real estate. A responsive site on the desktop will move…

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The messages we continue to send ..

A side by side comparison of September 2016 issue of two magazines, and the light it sheds on everything we are doing wrong with the messages that are send out to girls and women.     Below is designer, Katherine Young’s vision on how the Girls’ Life cover could do better, by focusing more on empowering and inspiring girls:  


Break Free – visual design for a lingerie website

Online lingerie stores should trigger an indulgent, intimate, informative and easy affair.   Break Free is an uncluttered e-commerce site for lingerie shopping, offering a relaxed browsing and shopping experience. A deck of the websites visual design :                    More design work coming soon here .  

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In praise of prototypes

Basic engineering design involves iterations of four major steps : designing, prototyping , testing and redesign. The similarities in product development workflow in engineering and design industries are hard to miss. Agile methodology is used in abundance in both fields, while prototyping is an often neglected crucial step. This happens, despite proven cases of early and iterative prototyping as a great method to bring…

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