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Crooked democracy

All the mud slinging in the race for US presidency, isn’t exposing the candidates as much as it is the flaw in democracy.   Blind faith and fan love, may make for a fun segment on a late night show,       but when voters begin to believe that the only truth is what their running candidate states, such…

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On fire today

Smokes the bed, hot flame On a hammock Let the sweat drain You, onto me Blazing through the streets We streak, leave laughter behind As on the day we were born Done with a deed And gone dipping skinny On a run, in sync This day is sweat and bones On a streak of skinny run Days of monsoon We’ve…

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Travel lays the table for the feast you enjoy sitting still back home. Stillness is the end point of any trip. It’s the way you convert the sights into insights and bring the experience home.