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sling shot poetry

Draw me to the ground Hold my back, pull me taut Before you release me to skies Where the blue is a hit and a kiss The arching world Flipping a whole 360 And the crowds have drowned Both, their voices And how they look You’d pulled me so close That I got to return Only, once I’ve kissed the…

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One questions that pops up quite often in a geographically diverse group is ” Does the caste system really still exist in India? “. It is rather sad to admit, that discrimination which denies many of dignity and basic human rights is still a reality, only just hidden from mainstream urban culture of India. ‘Dalit’ – a word derived from…

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Mooing mowing business

Sometimes, the desire to cut costs, brings oddly creative solutions. The Indian monsoon has pretty much swept the nation, leaving behind farms, lawns and vast lands in need of a mowing. Until recently most farmers would hire labourers at an hourly rate to trim their farms, discard the unwanted weeds, and sell the chopped tall grass for a profit. Most…

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