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Trailer story – Z for Zachariah

Here’s figuring out the plot and plot twists of a movie based on it’s trailer. The movie this time – ‘Z for  Zachariah’   This ones easy : Chiwetel Ejiofor, a lone dude, spends an incredible amount of time wandering about thinking he is the last man on earth, only to discover that there is one more person alive, and…

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Dress to kill.

.. or not. This post is about some very practical tips to look your best. — First off, are you sure you want to look your best? Think carefully. Once people see you at your best, you set the bar too high and things can only go downhill from there on. :-/

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Mother of …

I came across this hilarious site, which mashes scenes from Game of thrones with dialogues from Arrested development. Here’s one mash-up that immediately occurred to me: