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Getting punny – BIT Coin



BIT Coin


Takeaway from the Underwoods

One definite takeaway from the Underwood story, is their unflinching commitment to their goals.

who are we JPEG


When you cannot stop singing a song


So this happened today.

Misheard bollywood lyric

The Hindu – sneaky advertising

When you consider the Indian newspaper market (leaving aside the financial papers), there is ‘The Hindu’ and then there are the others.

It has been this way for as long as I can remember. Considered serious and traditional, The Hindu sometimes comes up with clever and unexpected surprises – sometimes in its own publication and sometimes elsewhere.

The latest of its sneaky smarts, is the below ad found in the matrimonial section of its competitors classifieds section :


The Hindu


Ha ha ha , I am sure the team at The Hindu, must have got major kicks when they saw this published.

This is a dream I had – a visit to North Korea ..

A friend of mine, got an invite to work on R&D of nuclear warheads in North Korea

kim jong come to Korea


He agreed, with the condition of a +1 invite

Challenge accepted1

Kim Jong Un obliged


And, that is how I got my invite



because travel

Upon arrival, the security checked my bags, to find that all I had packed was hand sanitizers .

germ juice


This is a dream I had.

Trailer story – Z for Zachariah

Here’s figuring out the plot and plot twists of a movie based on it’s trailer.

The movie this time – ‘Z for  Zachariah’


This ones easy :

Chiwetel Ejiofor, a lone dude, spends an incredible amount of time wandering about thinking he is the last man on earth, only to discover that there is one more person alive, and not only is she smoking hot, she saves his life too. Sigh!! Angel.

But, just when he is about to get some. Plot twist.

Enter, Chris Pine.

At this point  Ejiofor is thinking ” Awwww, fucking hell nooo!!  I got to get this new dude out of the spot. ”

Plot thickens.

Ejiofor takes Chris Pine for a walk in the woods “Hey bro,  happy to have you here dude. Let me show you a totally rad bathing spot, I swear its the trippest place ever, I think it’s all the radioactive shit. Trust me bro, its pure magic and the water is not radioactive enough, just dip your head all the way in and drink up all the water you can. Trust me bro, you are the last man on earth I want to kill.”

**Silent smiling snear at private pun. He he**

Chris Pine dives in , the audience get another beauty shot of his smashing body.


AND Curtain.


This is one of those films, where you are left to figure out what happens next for yourself. Thanks for that Craig Zobel.


EnD of trailer analysis.

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