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いただきます – Kana

Moving on from alphabets to words 🙂 . い  た  だ  き  ま  す – I  ta  da  ki  ma  su いただきます – Itadakimasu   Spacing isn’t used to separate words in Hiragana, and so it is going to take some practice to read sentences instinctively. But as they say,  “I humbly receive”  🙂 いただきます

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In praise of prototypes

Basic engineering design involves iterations of four major steps : designing, prototyping , testing and redesign. The similarities in product development workflow in engineering and design industries are hard to miss. Agile methodology is used in abundance in both fields, while prototyping is an often neglected crucial step. This happens, despite proven cases of early and iterative prototyping as a great method to bring…

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What is beautiful is usable

Don Norman’s “Why we Love (or Hate) Everyday Things” opens with an account of a famous study on this, conducted by N. Tractinsky in 1999. He tested four different designs of an ATM machine, where each could have either good or bad usability, and good or bad aesthetics (a 2×2 research design). He reported the following : ” … the…

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