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Will you buy my product?

“Hello” “Is this Mr.Chaitanya Reddy?” “No, this is Ms. Chaitanya Reddy” “Ohh …. Would you be interested in HDFC life insurance” “No” “But Why?” “To begin with , you got my gender wrong, you din’t tell me who you are, I still dont know what your product offers, also I have other choices” “Ohh … Thank you ma’am.” ” –sigh–…

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Free Rice

It’s simple:- You play a game and each time you answer right, your earnings (10 grains of rice) are donated through UN WFP (United Nations World Food program) to the hungry world wide. No joking. Visit –  Freerice (The rice is paid for by the advertisers whose names appear on the site.)

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Om Shanti Om

Director       Farah Khan Cast             Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shreyas Talpade, Kiron Kher, Bindu Plus: The movie is enjoyable in the first half. Deepika Padukone’s radiance, which lights up the screen.   Minus: Doesn’t take too long to know that the film promises much more than it can deliver. The film tries to cash too much on the “Dekho Dekho” song. Deepika…

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If it wasn’t for the yummiest of laddoos,  putting up this site would not have seemed so simple. (Working on Diwali does help after all 🙂 ) Thanks to small mercies and the Bigg ones 😀 .