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Deconstruct to reconstruct

  Break your life into its basic building blocks – it’s people, places, projects and time. Include things you love and the things you want to avoid. Keep breaking these bigger blocks down into smaller pieces. As you put all of these building blocks down on paper, you will see your life emerge in front of your eyes, deconstructed.

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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

There is a voyeuristic aspect to reading “Meditations”. Notes in this composition, are part of Marcus Aurelius’s personal philosophical studies during 10 rough years of his life ( also his last decade ) when he faced many stressful situations – like fighting on the frontier, the revolt of Cassius, and the death of his wife. During the time the emperor…

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You are your own story

“True adulthood… is a difficult beauty, an intensely hard won glory.” The fact is it is not yours for the taking. And it is not whatever you make of it. The future is also what other people make of it, how other people will participate in it and impinge on your experience of it. But I’m not going…

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Better call Saul

If there is anything close to poetry on television at the moment – it has to be ‘Better Call Saul’ . — Episode 1 of season 2 moves at an unhurried pace, picking up where it left off after season 1. While most of television relies on choke on your popcorn jump scenes and big moments, ‘Better Call Saul’ is…

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