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Tall man

This message has been floating around, for a while: ” We sent a delegation of 117 sportsmen to the Rio Olympics.  They returned with 2 medals. There was widespread media coverage . There was no shortage of sponsors . Why even Sachin was on call ! Compare that with the Rio Paralympics . We sent a delegation of 19 . That’s right –…

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The impossible can happen

In ‘Where to invade next’ Moore travels through Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Portugal and Tunisia to pick “flowers” of established processes & ideas that can enrich societal life – education, citizen welfare, equal rights, healthcare, law , public facilities etc. Most of the facts presented in this documentary have been circulated in media before, nonetheless what is…

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The Mekong – mighty for how long ?

Travelers to SE Asia, will most likely have a brush with the Mekong. After experiencing which, they will usually refer to it as the Mighty Mekong. The river is “omnipresent” in the region, originating in Tibetan Plateau, it flows through parts of China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam before merging with the South China Sea. As is in most riverside communities, the…

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