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Ajwain infused curry puff’s

Ajwain seeds are commonly used in Indian cooking. However, using fresh Ajwain leaves to your dish, takes it to a whole another level. I tried a spin of samosa’s and made some ajwain infused curry puff’s.  Have you added this fresh herb in your cooking?        

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Paper boat iced tea – review

The guys at Hectar beverages send in another lovely package of samples of their latest flavours under the Paperboat brand. (Read my review of the other beverages from Paperboat here). The package they send in contained two iced tea flavours – tulsi tea and ginger lemon tea. It saddens me to write this, because I really want these guys to…

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Chef inspired – Jamie Oliver’s tomato, basil and prosciutto omelette

Cooking this wonderfully simple recipe by Jamie Oliver, was a culinary discovery. I finally truly understood the meaning behind the famous quips of Top Chef judges: “Season everything” “Let the main ingredient shine” “A little goes a long way” ** The euphoria that I felt in putting together something that tasted, looked and smelled so magical  using simple ingredients is…

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