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We are perfect !


Hawa Mahal, Jaipur



“Be free – I love you”

I do not change as I grow older. I simply, become more me.

” Put love out into the universe and be 100% authentic. Nearly all the pain or dissatisfaction in your life is the result of being inauthentic or assigning meaning to things. And don’t worry if you “screw up” and are unloving or if someone else “screws up” and is unloving, it doesn’t mean anything. Just resolve it by being honest and authentic and don’t waste your time trying to attribute meaning to it.’

That’s all it’s ever been and all it ever will be…

The only way the opinions or opposition of others could bring you down is if you’re basing your identity or worth on their opinion. And if you’re finding your identity or worth in others, you’re in for a lifetime of misery and instability.

If you’re authentic and honest with someone, and coming from a place of love and it’s not reciprocated, then that has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t mean anything for someone not to return your love and authenticity, it just is.Trying to figure out why they’re doing what they’re doing or why they did what they did is pointless. It means nothing about who you are or who they are, and attempting to attribute meaning to such things is the source of nearly all our pain.

“it means I’m unlovable”
“It means I’m a bad person / friend / roommate”
“It means I’m a bad son/mother/father/sibling/etc”
“It means there’s something wrong with me”
“It means I’m a victim”
“It means I’ll never have a normal life”
“It means I’ll never realize my dreams”
“It means things will never change”
“It means I’m wrong”

These are the types of things we attribute as meaning, but there is simply NOTHING in this universe that can make you anything but who you authentically are, the purest you, the most perfect you, the unhindered, unfettered YOU.Anything that tempts you to believe you are anything but FREE and in total control of your life is 100% Bullshit, and what’s more, it’s Bullshit created inside your mind, and you’re not your mind, which means you’re in the position to call the Bullshit what it is and shovel it out, or at least pay it no attention.

If you’re longing for something that isn’t there, longing for things to be different, then that’s your own self imposed prison. Nobody can make you”feel” inadequate, alone, unwanted, bad, etc you can only choose to impose such things on yourself.

“But I can’t help feeling _____ ” you might say. And that is true,you can’t always control the feelings that pop up in your body, but you aren’t your body, and you aren’t your feelings. And the pain you feel, the discomfort you feel is not from feelings, it’s from your “interpretation” of what the feelings mean. And it’s also from resisting the feelings, trying to change them, trying to hide them. Two people can experience the same emotion,and to one person it’s unpleasant, to the other it’s pleasant, it’s all about the lens you view it through.

Stop trying to change things, it doesn’t work. What you resist persists. If I lean against you and you resist me, and I keep leaning harder, and you keep resisting harder, you’ll be holding me up with all your strength, becoming more and more fatigued, and in the end, we will likely both tumble.
But, if instead of resisting me, you give in, or move slightly out of the way,I’ll fall and you’ll be left standing, effort free.

That’s what “what you resist persists” means. It means if you keep trying to change things, you’ll never be happy, and you’ll constantly be exhausted. But if you accept things for how they are and realize it means nothing, then you can begin to invent possibilities and create the life of your dreams within that newly found blank slate in your life that was once occupied by imaginary frameworks, constraints, and struggles.

Start living the life of your dreams now, stop worrying what others”might” be thinking and what it “might” mean. You are who you are, no matter what, so just be yourself and be free.

I love You. ”



Chinese whisper

The sky is a sneaky messenger
Dissolving, the sparkle of fireworks
From this horizon

Only to reveal starbursts
When you gaze up, on the other side



Shark fin of Meru
The sliding snow of Everest

When I run short of breath
Catching glimpses of the moving sun

Face cupped in toasty palms
Breaking frost and it’s bite

A cold heart goes numb
Dimly warmed in recess of memories

In pursuit, my top of the world


The story of the ribbon

Watch this beautiful story on how the Microsoft Office 2007 user interface was designed.

It makes for fun and interesting viewing, even if design doesn’t excite you.


Hello there ..

New year, new nothing ….
Unless you get your ass to work and make it happen.

Hello there 2017.