Review – BBC Documentary, Hypernormalisation

2030 – it seems so far away, but it’s only 15 years ..



The BBC documentary is a revealing consolidation of events from recent decades, and a dark dive into the world today and why it is so. With power, politics and human nature  at it’s center, we witness how the world we have now, took shape in deeply lasting ways through the actions of a few – some of whom still alive.

The tone, mood, background score and narration feel like a journey through a modern museum – one of our very recent times.

The narrative takes us through New York and Damascus from 1975 , covering the Reagan years, the Assads, the rise /fall/rise of Gaddafi’s role and the phenomenon of Trump.

Names, places and events that have been central to mainstream news for decades unravel from their infancy to their growing consequences in all glory – strung together to make a cause and effect narration.


“We have retreated into a simplified and often completely fake version of the world”


The film alternates real documented footage of bombings, fitness workouts, the images of a prim & proper Russia to show a surreal projection of our reality.

This is a necessary film to assimilate. Almost everything you see, would be news you might have read at some point – but this documentary connects the dots of the various social, political, religious and cultural agents that have landed us in the current world situation

“You were so much a part of the system that you were unable to see beyond it,”


2030 – it seems so far away, but it’s only 15 years. The events and actions that we witness and perpetuate today, will create a world that we could be proud of, or look at with dismay

The most telling moment in the documentary for me was the montage of “Holy crap ..” moments from early disaster movies, following by silence and a clip of 9/11.

Go watch.

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