Tall man – one man’s downfall isn’t another’s victory

This message has been floating around, for a while:

” We sent a delegation of 117 sportsmen to the Rio Olympics.  They returned with 2 medals. There was widespread media coverage . There was no shortage of sponsors . Why even Sachin was on call !

Compare that with the Rio Paralympics .

We sent a delegation of 19 . That’s right – nineteen . They’ve already bagged 4 medals ! No media coverage . No sponsors . And God knows where Sachin is !”

Pls Invest your time in forwarding this msg if you are in support of Indian Prides…!!”

I have a problem, when messages that are constructed this way.

People, teams, delegations do not stand tall, because someone else fell short. They stand tall, because of their achievements.

This message would have been so much more uplifting if it spoke of victories, without comparing it with another’s failure. There is no pride to be taken when you compare victory with someones moment of dejection. There is no victory, in another mans downfall.

That said, the Indian athletes did perform well at the Rio Paralympics bringing home two golds and one each of a silver and bronze.

This year India had sent its largest ever delegation in the history of summer paralympic games i.e.19 competitors in 5 sports . Also, it has been India’s best ever performance in the history of the summer Paralympic games with a total of 4 medals won till now ( 2 Gold , 1 Silver and 1 Bronze ) with Devendra Jhajharia breaking the World Record to win a gold medal at the Paralympics. 🙂

Inspiration that hardwork and determination, can equal gold.



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