Eat, drink and be merry – Surviving meal time in Japan



い  た  だ  き  ま  す    –    I  ta  da  ki  ma  su

いただきます    –    Itadakimasu



お  い  し  い  –  O  i  shi  i

おいしい  –  Oishii



ま  あ   ま   あ – Ma   a   Ma   a  ( M  ā  m  ā )

まあまあ – Māmā



な  っ  と  う – Na  t  tō

なっとう – Nattō



か   ん   ぱ    い – Ka  m  pa   i

かんぱ い – Kampai


ご   ち   そ   う   さ   ま –  Go  chi  so  u  sa  ma

ごちそうさま –  Gochisou sama

On the topic of meals, when did steel alloy become the go to material for serving dishes and restaurant furniture?

Lately, most restaurants remind me of the college cafeteria :-/


The wasabi is strong with this one.


Sparkling Nihonshu, served on cold steel. Really good though.


Rewind to cafeteria

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