A roundup of some of the things that were good this week

Unsung App


As on 29th July, 2016 the Unsung app, being tested in Austin,  has delivered 1,000 meals that would have otherwise gone into the trash.

Restaurants, grocery stores, or even individuals click on the app to announce they have food to give to the hungry. The app sends the information to nearby volunteer drivers who pick it up and deliver it to people in need.

The app even calculates the value of food donation so it can be declared as a tax deductible contribution on income taxes.

Solar Powered Plane Completes Round-The-World Trip


An airplane powered only by the sun, finished circumnavigating the globe on 25th July, 2016.

Random acts of kindness and compassion at the World Softball Championships


The 10-day tournament featured a grand slam of random acts of kindness that made everyone — from players to spectators — real winner:

  • When New Zealand’s team found out that many players on the Kenyan squad had no shoes, the Kiwis bought the team new cleats.
  • Families from around Surry put together gift packages for teams and a business paid for airline tickets for the Venezuelan team when their fundraising efforts fell short.
  • The French players from Nice – which was recently victim to the Bastille Day terror attack – were met with French flags, flowers, and a limo tour of the area.
  • When India’s team showed up with ill-fitting uniforms, local businessman Dave Mann, who’d immigrated from the country to Surry more than 40 years ago, not only took them shopping for new gear and picked up the bill, but he also hosted all 30 members of the Indian team for dinner at his home after they lost to Switzerland 5-1 on Friday.

Good Samaritans on Train Help Refugee Family Navigate New Country

good news

Baby rhinos and hog deers rescued from India Assam floods


Wildlife officials in India have rescued three baby rhinos and seven hog deer from the Kaziranga national park in flood ravaged Assam state.

Testing the limits – world record for the highest jump without a parachute or wing suit


American Luke Aikins has become the first person to jump from 25,000 ft (7,620m) without a parachute, landing safely in a net.

“You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”


An individual stands up for his family, and speaks up about something bigger than the elections. It doesn’t matter that this was part of the DNC speech, I am glad it was said.

I hope at-least some of the wall lovers, would listen to this and backup just a little and introspect some.

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