Anglicismos and Hindi-cismos, linguistic similarities between Indian and Spanish language.

While there are many articles and resources online on the similarities and derivative words in Spanish from English. There isn’t much on the linguistic similarities between Indian and Spanish language.

It is obvious though, that there are Sanskrit influences at play. Some Spanish words that you can easily pick up, if you know Hindi or Sanskrit are :



Finding such linguistic connections/similarities is sometimes due to genuine linguistic influences, and quite often can also be an effort to make learning a new language easier.

While researching Indian-Spanish linguistic similarities, I also came across this Punjabi-Spanish similarity:

Que Onda meaning “What happened” in Spanish is very similar to “Ki honda” in Punjabi.

The word “Tia” means aunt in Spanish, while in the Telugu language we use the word “Aatiya”.

I love developing such connections, it makes the language so much more approachable and interesting.

The fire extinguishers in Malay are called  “Pemadam api” ,  and I find it beautiful that if I let in just a tad of modification of pronunciation, these words when translated to Telugu could mean “Danger stop.”




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