Pizza Hut – changing it up

Pizza hut is a franchisee that believes and thrives on change – space your visits to this chain of  restaurants by a month or two and you are sure to surprised with some very visible changes, whether it is a refurbished menu, new decor or a twist in their style of service.

The latest change in their menu is the addition of new appetizers, drinks and pizza’s.

We tried the ‘Mango Banana Smoothie’, ‘Hot and Spicy Paneer Quesadillas’ and the ‘Cheezy Bite Rustica’ – and were pleasantly surprised that we liked them all. Usually a place where I find it best to stick to the ‘safer’ choices of lemonades and pizza, the change in the menu made believer of me.

Kudos to Pizza Hut for changing it up ever so (wonderfully) often and stepping it up not just with the decor but with menu options as well.

You can check the new menu and prices online on the Pizza Hut website.

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