Perception – a childhood experience

The lessons and experiences of life remain the same, what changes is our perception and the amount of sugar coating that goes in its narration and understanding.

My first learning on perception was rather amusing. I was 6 years old, and the occasion was a neighbourhood musical evening. The setting was stunning – complete with a center stage, food stalls and game counters.

Many individuals performed fantastically but the limelight was stolen by someone who did not even perform – an engineer who had automated the rise and fall of the stage curtain. All of us were in awe of this remote that the chief guest was holding that had snazzy buttons to lower and raise the curtain – a special power for the guest of honour indeed.

The chief guest was an army officer and the engineer happened to be his much younger subordinate. For years, the talk of the magic remote graced conversations and also ensured a lasting bond between the two.

What the chief guest and the others did not know was that the remote did not directly control the curtains rise or fall. The ‘Up’ button in the remote was actually a switch that triggered on a red bulb and the ‘Down’ button would switch on a green bulb, these bulbs were hidden back stage and were signals to raise or lower the curtain.

The kids worked laboriously keeping their side of the deal pulling up and lowering the curtain on cue and the engineer walked away ‘Genious of the night’.

I walked away with my first lesson on team work, perception and the importance of information security :).

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