The making of fatso’s – Illustration


Just yesterday while placing an order at a fast food restaurant, I requested for a change in the beverage that comes with the meal. This was not just a healthier personal choice but also a great chance for the manager to make a profit, as the swap in drink would cost ME dearer.

I was quite surprised when the manager refused my request in a heartbeat. What is more puzzling however, is that such incidents are not one off cases. Restaurants and fast food chains do not entertain any ‘downsizing’ requests, but ask them to ‘double cheeze’ this or ‘unlimited coke’ that and they seem to oblige.

Sadly most patrons are greedy too, and even the most ambitiously adamant restaurants who started with giving out perfectly sized portions end up succumbing to the ‘unlimited’ demand.  Most restaurants in the city of Hyderabad either have a side of buffet going on, or have ridiculously large portions (which ofcourse cannot be changed.) . In either case, you are either eating insane amounts of food or throwing away insane amounts of food.

With the exception of ‘Juice Booster’ , that comes with a option of ‘Junior’ size drinks and Fusion 9 that has kid portions I am yet to come across food and drink places in Hyderabad that allow for flexibility in portion’s without a grumble.


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