Hunger is attacking – the rumblings

My first dining out experience was in the city of Mumbai at ‘Tendulkars’ and I remember how much it broke my heart to demolish the beautifully presented food and yet how impossible it was not to do so.

Dining out  has always been celebration of sorts,  buzzing with activity, not the least of which is the quintessential question “Where do we eat?”.

Over the last couple of years there has been a significant jump in the choice of cuisines and volume of restaurants offering great dining experiences. Sadly,some live up to the hype while others dish out dollops of uninspired and overpriced food.

Through the  ‘Hunger is attacking’ series of posts I will review eateries , provide my recommendations and publish the occasional recipe :).

For, hunger will attack – but there is much joy when you kill it beautifully.


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