Two, two-wheelers

During my summer internship, I got an assignment at my home city because I volunteered to share one of my two-wheelers with the other students involved in sales activities.

Four years hence, I still have those vehicles in my garage and use neither.  Sure, there is a possibility to use these to get somewhere, travel like I used to when younger, ride with no fear and with the intention to use my scooty at its maximum capability.

But then the vehicles remain, unused and not lend out. Possibly wasted resources, or unrecognised talent – how many such ‘vehicles’ do you have in your life?

One thought on “Two, two-wheelers

  1. I Agree Girl… There are too many such vehicles bound to be in everyones life. The catch is how better you can think to put such vehicles at work or sell / Dispose off them to make some good out of them.

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