Don’t preach

Deadlines are omnipresent and time of great value.  Hence, nothing is more infuriating and annoying when a “valuable” time management session is arranged.

When instructors and experts, delve in re-iterating what is already known, show videos that have faded in print and have been circulated around like spam- much purpose is lost.

I can view motivational videos online, and read about Freud’s views of the human mind.  What you need to do then, is to push me to think beyond. Don’t read out what I have already read before, don’t project role-play as ground breaking when you have lifted the concept from you-tube.

Show me something that will inspire me, push me — push yourself!!  Don’t just preach, perhaps try a follow.

One thought on “Don’t preach

  1. hehehee…thats why u should not attend so called mandatory time management sessions at office ;)……

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