Peepli .. life .. goes .. on

If you have ever lived in a village with similar living situation’s as ‘Peepli’ , the movie ‘Peepli Live’ will entertain, engage and will also infuriate and sadden.

The central narration of the movie that follows the ‘suicide threat’ of an Indian farmer is important, serious and strong but the integration of other issues like the political blame game, TRP friendly journalism,  the great urban rural divide, lack of materialistic emotions in the rural context and even the enterprising nature of the nations people make this a unique movie – almost like the movies of yesteryear that found comedy in the middle class plight.

The ’emotionless’ approach to suicide for gaining money, visuals of the urban brigade departing leaving behind a pile of garbage and the ride from rural to the urban stopping for just a second at the billboard “More space, more luxury” are memorable and hard hitting shots.

Although, the issue of farmer suicide is no news for India, no real reform or relief seems to be in sight. Incidentally I had written about this very same topic in 2006 , the context and content of which are just  as relevant 4 years hence.

Entertainment or serious cinema Peepli Live is a must watch, and I hardly ever say that.

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