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Jhingalala Hurrrr …

If there is one material obsession my family collectively shares, it has to be for the clunker of a 1980’s Onida TV.

This giant box (which is about the size of a dessert cooler – yeah, I was definitely brought up in the 90’s ) is as simple as televisions can get.

There are ten buttons … Total. Channels 1-8, the volume up and down switch and the on/off switch.

Despite numerous efforts to bring in a sleeker better screen, the rest of my family refuses to budge. So , I decided to take it one baby step at a time – changes from the traditional cable to the set top box were smooth, though slow. Then came a remote, which gathered much protest from my grandma who was not pleased with power shift it brought- her leverage of being the sole channel changer (as she sat dangerously close to the screen) had vanished.

It hence, did not surprise me when the transition to ‘Jingalala’ TV broke all hell, using two remotes and surfing channels confused granny so much that we are back to using the 10 buttons.”After all”, my grandma justifies “The world cup is channel 4 and news is the rest, what else do we need?”.. Sigh!!!

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  1. A Dessert cooler would be something that keeps your pastry cold. A desert cooler is what you are looking for 😀

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