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I may well be eating more at McD’s than I do at home, and as a possible privilege of frequenting their store the McDonalds staff was kind enough to invite me on a tour of their kitchen.

The tour begins with a ”You got to wear the hair gear to prevent any ‘hair in my burger’ situation”, followed by a show of the equipment ( the deep fryers for the wedges, fries, cold storage in the kitchen area, the grillers, wrap station etc.). The vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections are well separated leaving absolutely no room for any mix-up of the chicken with the potato :).

We also got a live demonstration of the ‘making of a McChicken’. With proper planning and mind-blowing equipment it is no wonder that they keep up fast service.

For a kitchen that looks just enough to accommodate the staff and all the equipment, the doors magically open up to cold storage, dry storage, office area, dishwashing and hygiene section.

The impressive equipment, friendly staff and a super clean kitchen certainly won them points all the way. Not to mention the coupon’s provided at the end of the tour as a sign of appreciation.

2 thoughts on “Mcdonald’s Kitchen tour

  1. hi! i’d like to bring my 3yr old on a tour? how do i get there and where is it located? thanks

    • Hi Pauline

      The Mcdonald’s branch where I was taken in for a tour is located in Karkhana (Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India).

      I am sure you can speak to the staff (in any location) and ask for their next scheduled customer tour – I believe it is part of some process they have in place.
      Let me know if I can help you with any further information.

      Cheers 🙂

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