Viral campaigns on social networks

Many people (mostly women, although some men joined in to keep it interesting)  were/are updating their ‘Facebook status’ with a colour – apparently for a cause.

The only mission the ‘campaign’ accomplished was a generate a whole lot of curiosity to a question, that turned out to be colours of a women’s bra. A friend  of mine took it to another level with her status reading ‘white with blood stains’ – which made me wonder “What’s for dinner?”.

The point being – how effective are these viral campaigns on social networking sites?  This one for example did make everyone search the trend to find out that it was meant to generate ”Breast cancer awareness’.  Honestly though, how many of the people who participated were not already aware of breast cancer?

The fad spread and quick but what needs to be measured is its true effectiveness – did it translate to real research on the subject, or make people go for a check up?

If only, all those who had updated their status, told us if they passed the  check-up with flying colours.

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