War of the instant noodles

First there was noodles, then along came smoodles and now we have   foodles. The naming is possibly where the differentiation against Maggie noodles and new entrant Horlicks foodles* ends. ( The removal of ‘No’ from noodles, appears to be a clever and sublime way to suggest n0 to noodles: or is it my active imagination)


Coming to what interests us in food 🙂 – Foodles tastes just like Maggi noodles ( and possibly better, the quantity of the spice mix looked a little more than in the Maggi packs – which seems to  lend a richer taste).


The verdict : Maggie noodles and Horlicks foodles are so close in taste, texture, quantity and pricing that I would not bother much about which to pick. Although I really like the aroma that comes only from cooking Maggi noodles :).

*  Horlicks Foodles claims to be a a multi grain noodle which comes with multi-vitamin enriched spice mix. Maggie has also being playing on the health angle by promoting its product as a healthy snack with its now popular tag line “Taste bhi Health bhi”.

Also did you know that there is a World Instant Noodles association?

8 thoughts on “War of the instant noodles

  1. Definetly everyone must give a try to Smith n Jones Masala Noodles. The taste is is more lively then Maggi and the quality of the noodles itself is excellent as they dont get pasty and are very nice to eat both dry or gravy forms. Here in Mumbai currently there is offer for buy pack of 4 for rs. 40 get another pack of 4 noodles free !

  2. I think it is all in our minds. we all end up consuming more of the advertising and packaging then the product itself. My vote and punt on the new king of the hill in the 2min noodle category is Ching’s. Just cant have enough of the schezwan and manchurian instant noodles. I had them thrice with family and have bid permanent goodbye to maggi. But like u said to each his own- chings, maggi, smith and jones, top ramen, horlic bring them all on 🙂

  3. I tried Foodles yesterday. I am neither a Horlicks person nor a Maggi person.. Regarding Foodles, Maggi, etc. we have always felt nothing can beat the taste of Top Ramen Smoodles and after tasting Foodles that view is confirmed. Once you eat Top Ramen Smoodles once, you will never go back to Maggi.

  4. No matter how many brands or styles of noodles come..still the most preferred choice of ny generation is Maggi…it’s one thing tat hasn’t changed is the taste and aroma.

  5. Hi Chaitanya,
    I actually v much prefer Smith and Jones Masala and Curry Noodles. Much much better taste. also the noodles dont get pasty.

    • Totally agree Sunil, after the post I went on a noodle tasting binge .. and Smith and Jones is quite good, also Wai Wai offers a definate change in flavour 🙂 … With so many options on the instant noodle flavours/brands/seasonings .. I am just surprised that we ( my family including me ) stuck to Maggi .. I also absolutely love Top Ramen (even raw 🙂 ) …

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