Bumper to bumper .. bumps!! – Annoyance of travel in Hyderabad

One of the annoyances about driving in Hyderabad ( aside from the traffic and maniac drivers) is the haphazardly and illegally placed speed breakers in the by-lanes and  colonies.  Apparently the residents are concerned about the safety  of the children playing on the roads and placing multiple bumps in front of their homes apparently slows down speeding kill machines!!


I live near one such colony, and have to pass it to reach the main road. The only alternative is to choose a longer route, or to sneak out one night and level all the goddamn bumps :).

In a city where there is a dire lack of sidewalk’s, the roads are already crowed with pedestrians. Dodging these guys, the kids and then maneuvering the speed breakers is like playing a daily survival game.

What beats me though is that most of these colonies have parks and open yards, so why allow the kids to set up a cricket pitch in the middle of the road?? And if that’s how they choose to play, then shouldn’t the survival game be equally risky for the drivers and the players ??  Heartless yeah, unfair no.

You cannot live in a buzzing city, expect and ALLOW kids to play on the streets and then build stuff to decrease the chances of a kid being hit. These are exactly the kind of people who should never be allowed to stay in places that have roads, that would calm their sense of entitlement over public property.

2 thoughts on “Bumper to bumper .. bumps!! – Annoyance of travel in Hyderabad

  1. Agree to wat u wrote!!!To add to this,,the worst thing is that most of the bumps are created for letting their private water supply pipes go through the road!!!Why cos this saves their money in laying the water pipes through right route..How ridiculous..who gives them the right to play with public property,,,,why cant the govt do something to stop breaking roads in small colonies for some one’s personal use..so let it be a play ground or for laying pipes.

    • You said it Tanwi.

      Although I am not sure of the pipeline theory :), it is fact that very little substantial action seems to be to stop illegal digging up of roads or setting up speed breakers.
      The only time there is even pretense of action is prior to elections, which is more of an exercise at cosmetic fixing of the roads than actual construction worth the while/time/effort or money.

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