11 thoughts on “Burning Barrel

  1. My grandpa used to tell me when I was young that a book becomes good when it sets your mind racing and gives your thought a new perspective. This write-up is definitely one of those great articles! It made me realise that I have never looked at the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki from this perspective before. Before having read this article, it was just an event of the war. I had missed to feel that It too had a human story to it!! and I am amazed that someone had the capacity to think about it!! great work Chaitanya Keep the good writing going!! All the best!!

    1. Hey Taran

      🙂 you are so kind with your words.

      I could picture you with your grandpa holding that conversation, a vivid visual from a comment – I guess you have the writing gene :).

  2. Fiction at its Best.

    The way you carried the story across the paragraphs was very well connected..

    Amazing.. Kudos Chaits..

    P.s : Im now your Official Fan of your Blog

  3. Very good one and heart touching..good that I got introduced to your blogs…Keep posting..

    -Srinivas Tatavarthi

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