Beauty even in what remains – Travel diary


Hampi is one place that everyone should visit at least once. A treasure of past glory, history, architecture and so much more- this town is a remarkable destination carved and set in stone.

Although the ruins of Hampi are treasured and protected as part of UNESCO World Heritage Site visitors can freely experience the ruins the beauty of the carved architecture in all its abundance and glory.

But it is not just the ruins of Hampi that make it a special destination, there is plenty more you can do. The immense tourist interest has given Hampi a distintive personality – laid back, inviting, exciting and beautiful. You can enjoy views of paddy fields as you laze in your hammock or relax along the river banks even as you get to taste world cuisine. Hampi also happens to be a popular bouldering and bicycle riding site.

I have yet to visit any destination that excites and soothes at so many different levels.

The above is a picture taken inside Achyutaraya Temple. The detail in the sculptures and carvings has to be witnessed to be believed. What is even more intriguing is the varied facial features and incorporations of dragons etc etched on the carved sculptures – references in the wall carvings hint at international foreign trade and commerce during the glory days of Vijayanagar Empire.

Hampi has to be on your travel list if you are planning a trip to India, the town will welcome you to experiences that no number of reviews and research can prepare you for.

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