Interview – know thyself

Q. So Ms/Mr. , please tell us briefly about your positive qualities.
A. I have a dashing personality and love to take challenges, my name spells of courage and innovativeness and my ‘friends’ have voted me the geek of the group.

Q. Can you justify all the qualities that you have mentioned above?
A. Well, my facebook quizzes tell me so and they have to be right, right? And thanks to the quiz feeds, there is a record of the same and all my ‘friends’ can vouch, that all of it is true.

Interviewer almost faints.

Q. Is there anything else that you would want us to know?
A. Yes, I will die of a shark attack when I am 42, which by the way is cool by me because I am a COOL ZOOZOO.


Eke ke ke ke !


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  1. Hi Chaitanya

    I was searching for Salon’s review in Hyderabad. I found your review about Hakim’s Salon.

    This lead to my reading your other posts from that day, and just few minutes back I read this post, which I think is really cool. I also tried few recipes from your hunger blogspot. 🙂

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