“How is everything?”

Man about to empty his tray into a bin labelled: 'Feedback'.

Rating the restaurant experience is probably one of the most under rated of surveys. Most diners, while being fussy eaters and despite a bad meal, end up giving ratings that hover at average when providing feedback of their dining experience.

It is also amazing how often restaurants choose to ignore the indifferent replies that fill the survey cards. While, being polite is the easy way out for the staff and the diner, it also almost guarantees another night of mediocre experience (if the diner chooses to return).

The wise thing for the diner to do is to stop the tantrums and just tell the staff just how good/bad they were – and more importantly how they can improve. The wise thing for the staff to do is to not give any scope for the customer to complain, and if they do – find out exactly why.

After all while feeding keeps the restaurants busy, only great feedback can help add an extra ka-ching to the cash counters.

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