Short term goals,long term goals and traffic jams

Two small phrases , a whole world of possibility.

For people living in Hyderabad, this concept takes on a whole new meaning.

Example 1:

Short term goal : Cross the road which has no trace of a zebra crossing, while constantly dodging vehicles hurling down in your direction.
Long term goal: Survive one more day of the insane driving on Hyderabad roads.

Example 2:

Short term goal: Overtake the vehicle in front, despite a traffic jam.
Long term goal: Prove to self that, while others can criss-cross their way during  ‘smooth’ traffic flows, the perfect driver can steer and overtake despite all odds and traffic rules.



Example 3:

Short term goal: Zip drive through the beautiful stretch of the winding necklace road.
Long term goal: Intake as little of the stinky and possibly harmful Hussainsagar fumes.

Short term goals in this city are like tiny episodes of the ‘Amazing race’, which might put it’s people ahead of the traffic jam by just a minute, but sure keeps their pride soaring, and you will never run short of the contenders ( If ever you do, the auto drivers will keep the show running).

One crazy city .. one crazy post – that’s the long and short of it 🙂 .



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