Long live recession!

More often than not, it takes dire situations to clean the act.

There has been a lot of talk about the current market recession, the world economy, resulting job cuts, uncertainty of employment and the never predicted price fluctuations.

The global phenomenon is also a wake up call to all those who gave in to laziness, mediocrity and personal benefit.

Organisations shaken from their cozy slumbers are forced to notice the under performers they have been nurturing at the cost of the dissatisfaction of the performers. Finally, efficiency has become more than a mere bullet point on company websites and organisations can no longer justify the ridiculous resource allocations – both human and material.

Recession could not have come at a better time, trimming expenses is the perfect opportunity to shove the freeloaders and close superfluous job titles.

It is also the perfect time to jolt the world out of mediocrity and acceptance of the substandard. It is also a time to honour the truly deserving. If it takes a recession to weed out the unnecessary and elevate the deserving, I say that the recession last longer – long enough to keep the best and leave no option for the others, but to improve.

It is inevitable that once this phase is over, the stupidity will creep in and the mistakes done will be repeated, but until then I hope that enough time is given for a thorough cleanup.

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