Herbal Facial – taken to the next level

This weekend I went to the famed ‘spa street’ in Kuala Lumpur,   looking for the much praised foot therapy and rejuvenating massages. I had heard so much about these spas that it was easy to ignore safer options like L’Oréal which were peperred on the way.

The entire spa was fresh with the aroma of rose petals and I could already feel relaxation setting in as I waited for the ‘herbal facial therapy’ to begin.

As the relaxing music of the spa was turned on and the cubes of ice placed on my eyes I was so glad that I choose to finally come here.



A thought too soon – just when I was feeling that the therapy was worth every penny,  I got a little more herbal treatment than I had paid for.



The message therapist’s hand reeked of all kinds of spices – almost every pungent kind that I have encountered in my entire life. Definitely not the kind of herbal facial I had in mind, I had to close my nose and run out before I started smelling like meat ready to be barbecued.

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