Difference that’s hard to ignore

You don’t need a huge publicity stunt to get noticed. Sometimes even the simplest of ideas gather attention. Ideas need not always radically change things to be heard, all they need to do is add perspective beyond the obvious.



Last weekend I received a SMS. The sender was ‘ Fresh Tomato’ who announced “I am now available at SPR Supermarket in XYZ location.” I thought it was a great idea – memorable, cute and crisp.  Sending it on a weekend only made it more effective.



When everyone is talking about job cuts and how bad the economy is. Air India’s decision to introduce “Unpaid Leave Plan” was a breather. A non mandatory option available to 15,000 people – it gives the option for the employee to go on a 5 year leave and return to a secure job. For many this is an opportunity to venture out, pursue further studies, experiment or maybe just take a break.



Call center employees selling insurance more often than not get a lot of “Not interested” replies. Even in such a scenario nothing much was done to catch the ‘customers’. All this until Bajaj Alliance launched its “Super Agent”. An idea that must have got the competitor thinking “Why did we not do this?”

Publicity, advertisement can be more than extravagance. Business decisions can be more than following the trend. Innovation is about taking simple ideas and making them work in any situation.

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