Itchy and Scratchy Show. – addressing the menace of the crotch scratch

There were some topics that I never intended to write about on my site. But here I am writing about two things that are irritating me.

The people who are the ‘inspiration’ for this post have the link to the site and I really hope they see this post.

Usually when there are hygiene related issues with women, the girlfriends are quick to notice and come to the rescue. So if there are things my friend needs to know but is blissfully unaware of we women are always there to tell before any embarrassment is caused.

I wonder if it works the same way for men. There are several instances when a colleague could have just taken his friend for a walk and told him to wear better fitting trousers and not the ones that are about 2 inches high, when the gentlemen could have been told that he reeks of pee and needs to wash up, that he should stop fiddling around and maybe go visit a dermatologist.

So , Mr. Scratcher and Mr. Pee I hope you read this, because no one else seems to have told you.

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