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It does not matter whether you own your business or work with one. You will always encounter outdated theories that look and sound great in case studies, but are best avoided at the workplace.

Few ideas that I, strongly, feel should be thrown out of the window:

1. Become indispensible to the organisation:  who are you kidding, unless you are truly your own boss with a unique talent, there will always be someone equally -if not more- ambitious, equally competent and equally productive.

What you can however do, is stay ahead of the race, venture new areas and be on the move.. always.

2. Bullet point Presentations: (When will everyone move on and away from this one).It is not about putting all the data there. It is about communicating effectively. The focus should move beyond how many bullet points to use and what to speak. While making the presentation make a target of what the audience should gain at the end of it all, also take feedback on whether you have succeeded.

3. Formulas for success: Sweeping statements like “HR is the backbone of the organisation”, “Operations is the nervous system of the company” and the sorts are to make the dimwits in the group happy.

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