‘How to’ of it

Proof of pudding is in the eating.
Proof of pudding is also in the making, the talking, the seeing and the hype created.

Consider a situation. You know an architect who has just started his career; you have never seen his work or heard his name in the appropriate circles. However, you have heard him talk; talk a lot of his work – how many clients are pouring in, how great the job is, the client appreciation he has received. Day in and day out you hear this person talk about work, you see his promising new website and social networking sites are used efficiently to let the world know that this architect is doing really well. No possible opportunity is missed to drill in his professional details and how amazing the outcomes are.

Suddenly out of the blue a friend of yours needs to hire an architect, and immediately the first name that comes to your mind is of the young architect. The names of reputed firms are hard to recollect and even the billboard (right in front of you) advertising an architect fade away.

Whether or not you recommend him is a different issue, for the young architect the purpose is served.

Most people engage in personal branding, at the end of it ‘How to do’ outweighs the ‘What to do’.

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