Sometimes, even in business, motivation is not about the money or sense of power. For some or rather most of us this might seem utterly ridiculous – why take that path when it doesn’t have money, fame or power??

A new branch opens up at the locality, because the market is untapped here.

The endorsement contract was handed over to a younger actress, because it will go down well with the target audience.

A variation of the soap was launched, because research shows that it will be a future cash cow.


At times, reasons for doing things at a personal or business level extend beyond the ‘because‘ of profit.

True, these businesses are thriving and the owners are happy, but so are the people running a non-profit organisation. There still exist establishments where employees work overtime by choice.

For some people choices are, thankfully, defined by their love for live, and how they want to make a difference. No wonder that we see refreshing new small businesses taking shape, fighting all the odds. No wonder that we still see an old kirana store getting regular business despite new forms of competition.

A business may not be unique in what it offers, and yet it thrives, because despite the business purpose the motivation is heartfelt, an attempt to offer something new to a relevant group of customers.

Something new, that may not necessarily be motivated either by money or by fame.

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