Here’s an idea for better retail service

In the retail market, the flux of employees is very high. Either employees servicing customers at the petrol pump or retail floors move in and out of employments too quick , or new outlets are opening faster than they can hire employees.

Eventually, the customers experience is likely the most visibly effected – what with the staff, not well versed with the products on sale.

One way to resolve this other than the obvious one of checking attrition causes and nipping them in the bud, a more viable and possible quicker way is to compartmentalize.  Not the store, the employees.

Example : In a book store, instead of having all 10 employees handle the customer traffic on the floor, allot each of them one genre of books. Train each employee to specialize in her genre, she knows the authors, the latest releases, the biggest bestsellers, the rare publications, prices and hardcover releases, and if she was ever to leave this reduced fraction of knowledge is easier to be imparted to the new comer.

Your thoughts?

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