Media overdose is omnipresent

Every waking moment is a constant reminder that break, for just a few moments, from media has become an impossible task.

The journey back and forth from office is an assault to the senses- radio is at peak volume and huge billboards cut out partial views of the sky.

The cafeteria not only has the television always turned on, but we now have world space playing alongside. (Even the washroom has its own audio speakers!!!)

By default, media has taken shape of an omnipresent white noise. Television and radio sets are switched on with no apologies to others present.

I remember how watching TV or tuning into radio was such an occasion. The event was planned for weeks in advance. The shows were few and far apart, but no matter what the issue of the program, everyone watched  with undivided attention. The recall of those episodes is still very high.

Compare this with the messages thrown at you from the cluttered skyline, a hundred channels of television and the audio blare of radio. All of 10 hours of media exposure and I have no clue what I was listening to.

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